Reviews & Testimonies



".....From the clay soap and clarifying cleanser to lessen my black heads and promotion of clean skin. To the fragrant deodorants that I'm complimented on. To the whipped soap and Phoenix body wash that not only makes me feel clean but moisturized. To come out the shower feeling clean and to top it off with the Bumble Butter that just makes me feel extra luxurious is a feeling I can't compare.

I'm pretty sure my friends are sick of me talking about BeeLux but I don't care... you can't beat made by hand products that make you excited for a bath. BeeLux is most definitely the best body care purchase I've made in a long time and I don't see me stopping anytime soon."

-Charnise J.



".....I LOVE and APPRECIATE your company and products. Thank you for Bee Lux. I am extremely particular about what I use on my skin. I have really dry skin and I'm a chocolate girl, so I'm always trying to find way to preserve my black girl magic. One of my friends from college mentioned your products on fb and I love finding new ways to support black businesses, so I was willing and excited to try. I literally have no complaints about any of your products. They honestly all seem magical. My skin is so smooth, glowing and softer since I've used your products. My face is also smoother and using the balancing scrub has really helped to add a glow and even out my skin tone. Some of my favorites are the Balance Trio, Lust Oil, Citrus Bloom and Mama's Gun soap. And I put bumble butter on my edges and they are flourishing. I also wash my hair with the Bee Bar Shampoo and its so much easier to detangle. I also smell amazing, the scents are just everything. My whole entire morning routine is Beelux except for my makeup. So again thank you. From one black woman to another, as long as Beelux exists you have my business."

-Claudine D.


"....I have been using the bumble butters for quite some time now and I must say that my skin has improved in its appearance and in the way it feels. I love the fact that he scent of the bumble butters last throughout the day!. I always chuckle to myself when someone ask for the name of my perfume at 5:00 pm; knowing to myself that the last time I used the butter was at 8:00 am. Yes ladies and gents; it is that amazing! 
I recently introduced my boyfriend to your products and he can't stop talking about how good his beard and skin feels. Thank you BeeLux for your amazing products!!"

-Keola E.


".....I love this soap!! It lathers up sooo good. Not only does it leave you feeling clean and fresh. It also doesn't dry out your ummm... Pocket book lol 😃 let's be honest a lot a soap's dry you out down there but this soap doesn't. So treat your pocket book right it will thank you."

-Terinda H.