Darla Facial Cleanser

Darla Facial Cleanser


This Alfalfa and Green Clay gel cleanser is not only rich but is packed with Vitamin C. Featuring Peppermint oil, Rose hip oil and Chamomile, this cleanser was created for acne prone/ oily skin. Darla Gel Cleanser gets deep into your pores and leave you feeling refreshed.



Alfalfa: Maintains and promotes healthy, glowing skin while detoxifying the pores.

Chamomie oil: Eases rashes and scarring. Reduces redness and inflammation from eczema prone skin. Treats Acne




"OMG my face has been so balanced and it feels like a babys bottom. Im still learning proper face care, but Darla has made such a drastic difference and I hope you keep it forever! I look forward to trying more of your products and I love your engagement on social media. You all are very responsive, have a great brand presence, and the amazing products to back it up. Much love for BeeLux."



-Dominque Todd

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