Transitioning From Summer to Winter Skin Regimen

Transitioning from Summer to Fall products can be tricky and expensive if you don't quite know what you're looking for. I'm always open for consultations and recommendations on what to use on your skin, but today I wanted to give you a glimpse of my regimen and a little back history on my skin type.


On the average day, my skin can be oily, black head prone and during my moon cycle it an produce an annoying pimple or two. As with most people, I deal with hyper pigmentation on top of all of these other things. To keep my skin in check I use Balancing Scrub, Activated Charcoal Bar, Rose Water Toner and Citrus Bloom

I use Balancing Scrub 2-3 times a week, before cleansing. This helps exfoliate impurities, reduce pimples, and balance skin tone. Please keep in mind that I LOVE makeup, but it's always a constant goal of mine to have clear even skin underneath it. 



After exfoliating, I follow up with an Activated Charcoal Bar. My favorite soap in the shop, and one of the most simple and effective. It cleanses my skin without drying it out, which is VERY important for my oily skin. Activated Charcoal Bar pulls out all of the toxins and leaves my skin feeling very soft.


Toning is my favorite step. During the summer time I opted for Vitamin Sea, but this fall I am using Rose Water Toner. My skin still looks very soft, supple and hydrated. This is important because I don't always get enough sleep or drink enough water (let's be honest). On top of removing excess dirt and oil from my pores, it has a faint natural rose smell that I'm in love with. During my moon cycle, I swap out the Rose Water Toner for the Chaotic Facial Astringent in order to get a deeper clean. Hormonal breakouts can be the worst, but being proactive and preparing for them keeps my skin smoother.


Finally Citrus Bloom. I use only a few drops and apply to my skin. I love the sweet orange smell and the fresh glow it gives me. When I first started creating face oils, I was weary about applying an oil to my already oily face. Now that I've started, I haven't looked back since! My everyday look consists of a nice, natural glow and the face oil balances out my sebum production on my face.



Ashley Johnson