Passion Rose Oil

Passion Rose Oil




The first fragrance from BeeLux's perfumery did so well that I decided to make a complimentary bath oil. This oil is highly fragrant and will leave a lingering scent on your skin for hours. Paired with moisturizing oils, this bath oil will help seal in the moisture from your bath, resulting in soft, supple skin. This floral fragrance features pink rose hip as the heart note with balancing notes of citrus and musk.

Clean, crisp, sensual, soft, yet noticeable. Dab behind your ears, on your wrists and even a little to your bath water. An undoubtedly classic scent that captures the essence of roses and romance.


"This oil is a must have for your bath! It lingers on your skin for hours and the scent also stays on your towel or robe and sheets and reminds you of that wonderful relaxing bath you took days later. I mix it with the lux oil in the bath and my bathroom smells like heaven . I have been taking more baths lately."

Janine C.

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